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Click Here for Major Miracles Superhero Daily Episodes 1 thru 10 Combined
Episodes 1-10 Combined Click Here for Major Miracles Superhero Daily Episodes 1 thru 10 Combined
Episode 11
Appalled at finding themselves in the offices of runaway capitalism, Major Miracles Superhero and Flowerchild try to adjust to their new identities.
Episode 12
Having found the comfort of a park bench while trying to come to grips with their old/new identities, Major Miracles and Flowerchild try to recall their last earthly experiences
Episode 13
Major Miracles and Flowerchild explore their fading memories of the legendary rock concert, Woodstock
Episode 14
Flowerchild explains why she hasn’t apparently aged while Major Miracles has in the 40 years since Woodstock.
Episode 15
Browsing the Wall Street Urinal, Major and Flowerchild discover that Wally Street has disappeared and that he has been patenting not only seeds and other life forms, but even the air.
Episode 16
Major Miracles and Flowerchild decide that the only way to counteract Wally Street and his evil ilk is with a peaceful demonstration.
Episode 17
Major Miracles and Flowerchild discuss tactics for their peaceful demonstration against Wally Street
Episode 18
Major Miracles and Flowerchild prepare for their massive demonstration
Episode 19
Major Miracles and Flowerchild prepare for their march
Episode 20
Major Miracles and Flowerchild return dispirited after their demonstration. They discover they have volunteers.
Episode 21
After a disappointing day of demonstrating, support has come from a surprising quarter.
Episode 22
Major Miracles and Flowerchild prepare the Persnickety's for the demonstration
Episode 23
Grumbilino Persnickety's physical ailments may torpedo the march.
Episode 24
The Truth Troopers are still in a funk, Then the answer!
Episode 25
Grumblino's upside down sign causes a pileup as the Truth Troopers prepare to march.
Episode 26
The troops return from the demonstration injured and Major Miracles disbands them.
Episode 27
Major Miracles and Flowerchild sit dejectedly in he park morning the loss of Superman, Batman and Robin, The Incredible Hulk, Spiderman and Wonder Woman.
Episode 28
Flowerchild tries to bring Major Miracles out of his funk.
Episode 29
Reading a column from the San Francisco Chronicle about how the hippies have changed American life for the better, Flowerchild cheers up Major Miracles
Episode 30
Major Miracles comes out of his funk, but is still miffed that the White House hasn't built an earth-sheltered solar greenhouse.
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